Lighthouses from everywhere...

Students made lighthouses and we shared them during the visit in Greece

fari partners.jpg

lighthouses from Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Scotland


Hi, we had fun making some Lighthouses and also a pop up book looking under the sea. Watch video we are sharing

costruiamo i fari from Bagheria III Circolo on Vimeo.

gli alunni del progetto Comenius costruiscono i fari in vario materiale

In fondo al mar from Bagheria III Circolo on Vimeo.

gli alunni della II D del terzo Circolo didattico di Bagheria
costruiscono un libro pop up durante le attività del progetto Comenius

italian students make lighthouses

Hi Comenius mates!! I hope you enjoy this presentation you could watched here in our school.

"Our Lighthouses"

Situation of some of our lighthouses - SPAIN

Polish lighthouses

Promotion of the Project

Today we have showed our achievements to parents. Here are some of the photos from the meeting.





Hello Comenius Friends!

Primary 7 at Balornock, Glasgow have completed their board game based on 'how to get to the safety of the lighthouse. We designed it all ourselves and made the characters out of clay. We have even translated the game into Spanish. Have a look at the photographs of the game.

Here is the board can see our lighthouse. The aim of the game is to get to the lighthouse.

3ls - board game 004.jpg

3ls - board game 005.jpg
Here are the characters. Each player uses the character to move along the track to the lighthouse.

3ls - board game 007.jpg

3ls - board game 008.jpg

3ls - board game 013.jpg

3ls - board game 014.jpg
Here are the rules in Spanish....we hope we have translated it properly!

3ls - board game 015.jpg

3ls - board game 016.jpg

Here some photos from our lighthouses, too, from Greece!


Lighthouses made of clay...


DSC07113.JPGDSC07114.JPGLighthouses made of recycling materials...


Lighthouse models with the help of parents...

SL380048.JPGWe turned a wooden hexagon promotional stand into a big lighthouse, to show some of our work about lighthouses, and remind us our dedication to the project!!

We also created our own lighthouse T-shirts!! Don't you love them??!!