Our project “3Ls= Lighthouses Link Lands” involves five schools from Italy, Greece, Poland,Spain, Scotland. It is a Comenius and eTwinning project in fact the schools that didn't get grant for comenius are involved in the project as etwinner
This project explores the history, legends, folklore and workings of lighthouses along
European shorelines developing reading and writing skills on the mother tongue from each participant and also on foreign languages. It will also create a net between all participants by creating a common wikispace on the web in order to share collected information, opinions, and contents produced. This way participants will develop digital competences along with transversal skills since many different subjects will be involved. Students will produce contents on several materials. They will use informatics tools and web 2.0 collaborative tools in order to publish contents on the web. Lighthouses are not only a guide for ships but are also part of environment and culture of a country. Some of them are symbol of a country and tell about people that live close to the sea. In this way students can learn about beautiful places where lighthouses stand and serve as symbols. They learn about the differences and similarities that exist between our lifestyles even if we live in similar environment. Furthermore, lighthouses are fascinating because of their isolation and mysterious nature, children love to read or listen to stories about them, therefore by using dedicated books, we can enhance their reading and writing skills. There are many curriculum links in this project: geography, history, visual arts, ICT, language and science. Students of different age could develop the project according to the plan using different way to externalize their knowledge. The project will give chance to children to feel part of a multicultural society.