HI everyone.

I have attached a little about the Scottish Education System.


Hello from Scotland

We are primary 4b from Balornock Primary. Here are some pictures we made. We did our own 'Messages in a bottle' and we made our own dream sea. We took this idea from the book 'My very own lighthouse.' We liked the book very much. Primary 6 are making an animation of the story. It will be ready in a couple of months. We hope you enjoy watching it when it is ready.

3ls_003_small.jpg 3ls_005._small_jpg.jpg

Hi we are primary 2a and primary 2b. We have had great fun learning about lighthouses. We made models of lighthouses and we made displays for our wall. We hope you like them.


Hello friends

We wrote some poems called 'A view from a lighthouse window.' We have put some on the wiki for you to read. We hope you like reading them. Love from Mr Harte and primary 4b.

We are primary 7/6. Our teacher is Ms O'Connor. We are not doing the lighthouse project, but we have made a powerpoint to show our friends in another country how to make shortbread. We thought you might like to see it and maybe you can try to make it yourself. If you try and make it then let us know if you like it.

Halloween picture! It was Halloween in Scotland, last week (October 31st) and we had fun at school in our dressing up costumes! Here are some pictures of primary 4 at their class Halloween party. Do we look scary??

Hello everyone!

We are sending you us singing our Christmas song about the Lighthouse keeper that we wrote with our teacher, Mr Harte. We hope it arrives soon! Here are the words: