1)Make your own lighthouse puzzle with jigsaw ( max two puzzles per Country) (the videotutorial put on "peer learning section" will help you)
2) embed your puzzle here in "puzzle game" page
3) enjoy the puzzle
4) find on Google map the locality where the lighthouse of the partners , stands
5) go to "lighthouses on the map"
6) embed the map in the table and put your flag as score
(the videotutorial put on "peer learning section" will help you)
7) at the end of the game the flags will be counted and the faster finder will be the winner

To the winner will be sent a specially commissioned real puzzle puzzle.jpg

lighthouses on the mapEuropean Lighthouses puzzle game

preview20 pieceCapo cefal├╣ 2 preview20 pieceStilo preview20 pieceRozewie preview40 pieceFaro de la entallada preview20 pieceFarodeajo
preview24 pieceCapo Peloropreview20 piecePunta Libeccio preview24 pieceTrafalgar preview24 pieceFaro_de_Buda preview20 pieceTourlitis Androu preview20 pieceChaniapreview20 pieceRethymno