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The lighthouse keeper's Cat who loved travel.

In one of the beautiful beaches of Sicily, there lived a lovely family of cats: Dad cat, Mom cat and six kittens. Lolly, the smallest one, was the prettiest and the smartest. His brothers were often teased because she said she wanted to travel a lot and , in this way, she would visit all of Europe. One day, tired of being teased moved away from home and went to the lighthouse, where she used to take shelter when he was sad. That day a yacht was stopped near the lighthouse. On board there were many children. Lolly attracted by the happy voices of children, secretly went up to the yacht without thinking about the consequences.

Excited the children began to play with Lolly. They all were happy . Playing, playing, time go away and the dark came up :, "my Mom will be worried," Lolly thought "I must go home." But suddenly realized that the yacht was already at sea far from the lighthouse. Then ...

...a strong storm drove the yatch inside the Mediterranean Sea. Lolly was scared and she hope desperately for this situation finished as soon as possible. Suddenly, Lolly was dazzled by a bright light. It was the coastguard patrol and they came in order to help her. Lolly got on board and all of them sailed to the Valencian coast.


There, a lovely family offered to Lolly their home and some food. They got on well and became really good friends. This family was called “Los García” and they were very famous in Valencia because they cooked the most delicious “Paella” there. Lolly was happy and made a lot of friends.

One day, Lolly was sunbathing in the beach and met a girl who was on holiday for a week in Valencia. Her name was Ana and she was from Guadalajara. Ana told Lolly many thing about her town so Lolly was looking forward to visiting Guadalajara.

Lolly thanked to “Los García” for their hospitality and said them goodbye with a huge hug. She went to Guadalajara with Ana! There, she visited a lot of beautiful places and ate the famous “drunken sponge cakes”.

Ana had two friends in Poland and she wanted to visit them so Ana and Lolly went to the airport of Barajas with direction Poland...
When they got aboard it turned out that there are Polish parachuters. They saw Lolly and liked her a lot. Lolly and Ana were interested in their job and asked them to tell something about it. When the parachuters finished, Lolly and Ana decided to jump and get a new experience. The parachuters instructed them how to behave while being in the air.

Paying no heed to the weather conditions and their fear the brave two decidied to jump over the plane.
When they were flying a strong wind blew and took Lolly and Ana in the direction of north - east. To their surprise Lolly and Ana landed on the beach. They were looking around not knowing where they are. Suddenly, they saw a lighthouse and a group of students. They decided to come up to them.

It turned out that they're students from Częstochowa, who were on their school trip in Darłówek. They asked Lolly and Ana if they wanted to go to their city to visit it. Lolly and Ana agreed.
After a long trip by bus they reached home. Students were wondering about the place for Lolly and Ana to stay in. Finally, they decided that the girl and the brave cat would stay at school. Ana and Lolly visited the city and its surroundings.They had a great time but after three weeks Ana and Lolly decided to continue their journey. They set in the direction of Greece...

…Anna and Lolly were hosted at Nick and Dionysius’ who were Anna’s friends. It was a wonderful house with a tile roof, a huge garden, lots of flowers and high trees. All the houses in the neighbourhood were similar.

Lolly was enchanted by the environment, she went crazy with the smells of the meals and the meows and the games of the numerous crazy cats got her brains.

She followed them, she played chase, hide and seek and went crazy bobbing trees. She ate crunchy fish bones and chased bugs, flies and grasshoppers. She was fascinated with all these, but she was greatly attracted to Ririko, a cute, cinnamon, fluffy kitty.

Time went on amazingly, but then it was the day that Anna and Lolly had to leave. Lolly clarified that she didn’t want to leave and be separated from the cat of her dreams in any case.

So she stayed in Greece and after twenty days the two cats got married immediately, since Lolly was already pregnant. At the wedding there was a great carousal and the dinner had all the fine…fish soup, mullets and fish fingers.

As for the honeymoon…It was a kind offer of the Animal Welfare for the couple, free holiday in Scotland…

Lolly and Ririko arrived in Scotland. They were looking for a relaxing, comfy hotel to stay in for the night. In no time at all they found a top hotel stay in, it was just around the corner from Prestwick airport. Lolly and Ririko settled down in the luxurious hotel with cat champagne and all the things a cat could ask for. They walked up to their large, luxurious room thinking what they could do the next day; Lolly had the great idea of going to Ayr Beach! They both agreed to go to the beach for the day, so hurried to their king size, comfy bed to get some sleep so they would be ready for an early start, because they knew the train from Prestwick to Ayr Beach arrived at the station at 9.00am. They got out of bed at 7.30am, got dressed and made sure they remembered to pack their towels, sun lotion, hat and sunglasses in their beach bag. They had a relaxing walk down to the breakfast room in the hotel where they got a bowl of luxurious cat food. They took a slow walk down to the station because it was only 8.30am and got to the large, noisy station on time. Soon they got on the train and they both fell asleep. Luckily Lolly and Ririko woke up in the nick of time, just 2 stops before the beach; they got off at their stop and took a taxi from the station to the beach. They ran over to a bit of the sand that was in really good shade, because they did not want their lovely white fur to get all sunburned. They opened their bag and took their big bath towels out and placed them on the golden, hot sand. They both walked across the sand holding hands and they ran into the sea to cool off.
Soon they spotted a ice cream van over the other side of the water on the sand, so they both swam fast over to the ice cream van and got an ice cream cone each and a can of frozen cold Irn Bru. They just spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach.
That night Lolly felt a few pains in her little, white furry tummy, she said to Ririko “I think the kittens are going to be born!” She was right, 6 little kittens were born a little while later. She said I have to name them, I will name them Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Amy, after Lolly’s favourite band One Direction.
As Lolly was having a well earned rest, she began reminiscing about her travels. She remembered the time she went parachuting in Poland and when she ate lovely paella in Spain and also when she met 2 new friends in Poland and when she went to Greece and was looked after by Nick and Dionysius, Lolly remembered their lovely house and how much she loved the tiled roof. She got so lost in thought that she forgot she had to get back to Sicily with Ririko so she could get back to her beautiful family and also so the kittens would see their grandparents and their lovely home.
They packed everything in their bags and made their way back to Prestwick Airport. Ririko said, “I will be back to pick you and the kittens up in half an hour, I am just away to hire a good, big car because we now have so much luggage and 6 extra kittens!” Before Long, Ririko was back with a big black jeep to take them to the airport. Lolly lifted all the kittens and gave them to Ririko to put in the back of the car, while Ririko was doing that Lolly said thank you for the superb stay at your top hotel. Lolly ran out to the car and jumped in the front seat. Ririko started to drive round the corner to the Airport. When they got there Ririko gave the car to the security guard, then Ririko lifted all the bags and Lolly lifted the kittens and they went onto their plane and flew off to Sicily and lived happily ever after with their parents and grandparents!