The Logo Contest will allow each partner schools to paint how may logos their wish and upload in the common website only three Logos of their choice, to be viewed by all other participants in the project.

In addition, all countries will be asked to evaluate and vote for their favourite Logo after they have watched to all the others and of course, voting for yourself will not be allowed :))

You and your class will have until Friday 22nd October to decide upon your three Logos, and get it uploaded onto the project website Once all Logos are uploaded, you will need to get your class to watch all the other countries' entries and decide who will receive your votes. This should be done in the week from Monday 25th October until Friday 29th October 2010.

On Wednesday 3rd November 2010, you have two choices. You can either join the team for a group webcam conference (flashmeeting) , starting at 10.00am Italian time, where students announce their votes to each other and total the votes up, so we can establish the winner. Or, if this is not possible, you will need to email your votes to the project coordinator, BEFORE the live webcam voting takes place. This way, we will be able to successfully total all the votes from all the countries and announce who are the champions.

The winning Logo will be put on the website and on everything will be link to the project in future ( blog, Tshirt, displaies, books…).To the painter will be sent a specially commissioned trophy! it will be delivery during the meeting in Italy from 8th to 12th November 2010.

GOOD LUCK to all countries, and enjoy making your entry, and watching to all the other entries! GO TO THE LOGO ENTRIES